When deciding what type of commercial storage services to use for your business items, you could be tempted to choose warehousing as a more affordable storage option. While you may be able to save money initially on your storage needs, you might end up regretting your choice in the long run.

Commercial Storage Services vs. Warehousing

Commercial Storage ServicesWarehouses are used by manufacturers, wholesalers and sometimes residential customers to store a large amount of items cheaply. Some warehouses have forklifts and loading docks to make moving goods more efficient.

While there are some benefits to storing bulk items in this manner, there are also some significant drawbacks to these commercial storage services. Firstly, there is little or no climate control in warehouses, and there are also concerns about the lack of security because items usually sit unprotected on the floor.

Many people who use warehouses get frustrated due to lack of access because they have to schedule an appointment if they want to retrieve items. Moreover, the lack of climate control causes damage to important paperwork and valuable possessions.

With these major drawbacks, it’s not surprising that people are turning to commercial storage services as a better option. Self storage units are exponentially safer and more convenient. These commercial storage facilities offer private access, climate control, and the ability to be in charge of who is permitted to view the stored items.

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