commercial rental spacesThere are many factors involved with running a business as profitably as possible, but one that sometimes gets overlooked is using commercial rental space to full advantage. Growing a business often puts you in a position of trying to decide when expanding makes sense. Sometimes buying more commercial property to expand your service area is not feasible, as the potential revenues are not enough to justify the costs involved. The answer could be using commercial rental space that has 24-hour access, so you can use it as a base for the new area until the time when the customer base catches up.

You can use the commercial rental space for supplies, equipment and materials in the new area while keeping the operational tasks at your current location. By giving your crew access to the commercial rental space, they can work an area far from your current location more easily.

Another way you can use commercial rental space to grow your business is that it allows you to bid on jobs that require more materials than you currently have warehouse space for without needing to purchase a new warehouse for a temporary project. Once you have obtained the profits from a number of these types of projects, you can then make the decision about a new warehouse.

At 21 North Storage, we offer storage solutions for businesses, as well as storefront offices that are perfect for a second location for your business, should you desire expanding to the Statesville, NC area. Give us a call and let us help you grow your business – or even get started with one!