climate control storageClimate control storage is one option that many people don’t consider when looking for storage space. If you need to rent some storage space, there are four primary reasons why you should think about going with climate control storage.

First, how long will you need to store these items? Climate control storage works very well at keeping items stored and properly preserved over longer periods of time.

Second, what are you storing? Antiques, many types of furniture, electronic devices, and some other materials don’t fare well when extremes in temperature or humidity occur. Climate control storage can help preserve these items, especially ones of high monetary or emotional value.

Third, what sort of climate are you in? The best rule of thumb here is that anything you’d be comfortable storing in your garage year-round likely does not need climate control storage. For everything else, going with a climate controlled option is a beneficial way to go.

Fourth, does the location you’re looking into offer climate control storage? If this is something that you need, make sure that the company provides this option.

At 21 North Storage, we offer standard and climate control storage options to our residential and commercial clients in and around Statesville. These units range from 128 to 360 square feet in size and can accommodate whatever you need without breaking the bank. Give us a call today!

Why Choose Climate Control Storage?