commercial car storage, statevilleIf you own a business with a fleet of vehicles, you know that this is a huge investment. Not only do you have the cost of purchasing the fleet, but you also lose revenue every time one of those vehicles is out of commission, even if that is briefly. One of the problems that can befall vehicles in a fleet is being vandalized or even stolen when they are parked during non-business hours. If you are concerned with keeping your fleet secure, a great solution is commercial vehicle storage.

With commercial vehicle storage, your fleet is guarded by fencing and 24-hour video surveillance. If you do not have these things at your location, then putting them in commercial vehicle storage is the way to go. It can also be a solution for vehicles that are not being used during slower months.

Another benefit of using commercial vehicle storage is to conserve on fuel if your service area is particularly large. By storing some of your vehicles at a second location, you can avoid having all of your fleet being driven back to your main location every day. If Statesville, NC would be a perfect second location for part of your fleet, we welcome you to look into our commercial vehicle storage at 21 North Storage.

We have warehouse space suitable for indoor commercial vehicle storage, as well as outdoor storage. Not only do we have 24-hour video surveillance to keep your fleet secure, but we also have 24-hour access, so you can have access to your fleet at any time of the day or night.