storageThe self-storage industry in America has experienced rapid growth in the last year or so. But what is behind this rise? Well, one reason is that more and more online retailers are turning to self-storage, propelled by the increase in consumers’ desire to buy goods online.

Using self-storage for commercial purposes is becoming popular because it translates to better financial and business sense. If a small trader chooses to invest in or rent a property to sell from, it can often come with unanticipated expenses, along with maintenance costs and taxes. When you are worried about owing a property that’s costing more than you’re making, it can be difficult to manage productivity.

Also, storing goods at home is not the answer, either, since there’s only so much a garage or spare room can hold. Plus, stock often changes in quantity from season to season. This is why self storage is proving to be a viable option for small online retailers. It not only offers safety, but also cost-effectiveness. At home, you would be worried about the possibility of theft, as well as disasters, such as fire or flooding.

At 21 North Storage in Statesville, NC, we have built a reputation on excellence in the residential and commercial self-storage industry. We have sizes to suit your needs, with flexible contract options as well. And, if at any stage, you need less or more space, we can make changes according to your requirements.