Outdoor StorageSummer in Statesville, NC is a wonderful time full of RV trips, boating, and using all those other outdoor toys. Do you find, however, that navigating your driveway or yard with those large items parked nearby gets a bit treacherous and frustrating? Is that even worse in the winter when you have to deal with snow removal, as well? Do you have trouble getting to the item you want to use one day because the others are in the way? The solution can be found here at 21 North Storage. Without our outdoor storage area, you can keep some, or all, of your recreational vehicles here and come get them when you need them.

Other than uncluttering your yard and driveway, there is another good reason to take advantage of offsite outdoor storage – security. Few homes have the security measures in place to keep your vehicles from vanishing or being vandalized, but we do. With our 24-hour surveillance and secure fencing, your recreational vehicles are far safer here than they are at your home.

With our convenient location and 24/7 access, you’ll be able to come by and pick up whichever item or items are on today’s fun-filled agenda. Whether you keep all your recreational vehicles here, or just the ones you don’t plan to use right away, you’ll be happy you took advantage of our outdoor storage to make your life simpler. You might even be able to get yourself a few more!

Give us a call today to ask about our affordable outdoor storage options, or any of our other storage solutions for personal and business needs. We can even give you a one-time-only access code, so you can tour the facility at your convenience.

Our Outdoor Storage Solutions are Perfect for Personal and Business Needs