Boat StorageBoats provide some of the best entertainment for the summertime, but a limiting factor for many people is what to do with their boat when it’s not in use. In some neighborhoods, storing your boat on the street or even in your driveway is restricted. Or you may not want to take up so much of your personal property to store your boat at home. Boat storage can keep your boat safe and out of your way.

As you’re deciding what to do about your boat storage during the off-season, here are some important considerations:

What kind of access will you have to your boat when it’s in storage?

The most appealing option is to be able to access your boat and remove it from storage whenever is most convenient for you. It can be frustrating to have to deal with office hours or being closed for the weekend.

How safe will it be?

Storage that has 24-hour security surveillance is a much safer option than storage that doesn’t have constant surveillance. This will provide you with peace of mind for your valuable investment.

What is the cost?

Storing your boat at a marina is typically much more expensive and may not be worth such a large investment each year.

Do you own other large equipment associated with boating?

You may have fishing gear, jet skis, or other large equipment that take up a lot of space in your garage, but could be stored with your boat instead.

The boat storage options that we provide at 21 North Storage allow you 24-hour access to your boat and the option to come and remove it from storage whenever is most convenient for you. You don’t have to wait on office hours to come and get your boat. We also have constant video surveillance to ensure that your boat is safe and protected.  Contact us today for more information or to sign up for a boat storage space.