commercial climate controlled storageA museum was planning a large addition to its original building, as well as renovations to the existing building, which involved moving some 11,000 pieces of art to a storage facility. The fact that the facility should be climate controlled was a given. However, the collections were so valuable that the directors deemed it feasible to spend $5 million of the museum’s funds on their own commercial climate controlled storage.

Of course, most self storage renters store items that are far less valuable, but everyone believes that their possessions are worth just as much. While some goods do not require commercial climate controlled storage, others will always necessitate it. Therefore, good storage facilities offer some form of climate control to attract customers.

Typically, ‘climate control’ refers to maintaining the temperature above 40 degrees in the winter and below 90 degrees in summer, with humidity below 65% to stop mildew and mold. Most commercial climate controlled storage facilities use 80 to 82 degrees as a high in summer, and 50 degrees as a low in winter.

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