Climate Controlled StorageLife happens — that’s one thing that we can all agree on. While it may seem like an oxymoron, one of the only things constant about living is change. While changes in life situations, such as moving, finding new employment, or making room for new family members or pets, can leave you at a loss about what to do with your possessions, there’s something you can do that will relieve your stress while clearing the space in your home and protecting your valuable items form harm. This option is finding climate controlled storage to house your precious pieces until you can bring them home once more.

If you’ve never heard of climate controlled storage, you may be wondering if it is necessary or if you could simply choose common outdoor storage instead. The answer to that quandary is yes, you could choose basic outdoor storage, but if your items are valuable to you, they will be left at the mercy of extremes in temperatures. Climate controlled storage allows your items to be stashed in an insulated area, which protects them from extremes in temperature. Some items that should always be protected from extreme heat or cold include antiques, heirlooms, wooden furniture, electronics, photos, special collections, appliances, or any other item that holds value to you and would be sensitive to severe heat or cold.

When life’s changes hit and you are looking for climate controlled storage to preserve your belongings, look no further than 21 North Storage. We offer climate controlled storage that will let you relax about the safety and security of your things so that you can focus on the changes that are happening in your life.