climate controlled storageStorage companies offer a number of different options, one of which is called climate controlled storage. While it may cost a little more than facilities that don’t offer it, there are some major advantages to consider.

Typically, climate controlled storage units should never fall below freezing point in the winter months, or rise above 90 degrees F in the hot months. As a renter, you are free to ask the storage company for its specific definition of ‘climate control’ before signing a lease agreement.

The main benefit of climate controlled storage is total protection against the elements. Snow and rain cannot penetrate the roof, and usually the units are built above flood level. Dust and dirt are less like to enter, which is great news for owners of belongings like sensitive musical instruments and fragile antiques. Many units are built in high-security locations, and unlike regular storage facilities; they are accessible to the renters at any time they desire.

Peace of mind is probably the biggest advantage of all. Treasured family heirlooms, important office documents, and other valuable items would probably not survive for long in a regular storage facility. With climate controlled storage, however, the risk of significant damage to weather-sensitive items is virtually zero. So, if you’re planning to store your precious possessions for the next generation to enjoy, then climate control is a must.

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