Climate Controlled StorageIf you’re considering storing your property during a move or for your small business, you may be trying to determine what the best storage solutions are for you. Whether it is temporary or long-term, ensuring your property is safe and secure is important. If you are looking for storage solutions that will guarantee your items are well-maintained, climate controlled storage may be a great option for you.

Climate controlled storage units are insulated so that their temperature is regulated at all times. Using concrete floors and a roll-up door, these units are perfect for sensitive items that would not store well in a standard storage unit. Items that work well in climate controlled storage include:

  • Keepsakes, such as photos and family heirlooms
  • Business items, like records and files
  • Wardrobe items, including sensitive textiles and furs
  • Fine art collections, books, and musical instruments and materials
  • Electronic equipment and computers

Climate controlled storage is perfect for items that may melt or freeze with temperature fluxuations found in standard storage units. With climate control, your property will be kept in its best shape.

At 21 North Storage, we are proud to offer storage solutions for all your needs, including climate controlled storage for your sensitive or business items. We also understand you need budget-friendly options, and we can provide affordable climate controlled storage units that meet your budgetary and special needs. We’ve been in business seven years, and we treat all of our customers like family. You won’t be disappointed with our affordable, secure, clean and convenient storage options. Contact us today to reserve your unit. We look forward to seeing you!